Photo Booth Ideas For Corporate Events

Corporate events can sometimes feel stuffy and formal. While you want your company’s image to remain professional, injecting some fun and personality into a corporate gathering can go a long way towards morale and team building. 

One way to add an element of enjoyment is by setting up a photo booth. This allows attendees to let loose, get silly, and bond with coworkers over capturing memorable photos.

When planning a photo booth for your next corporate party, meeting or other event, get creative with these ideas to make it truly unique.

Pick Fun Props and Accessories

Props encourage people to come out of their shells and pose for amusing photos. Make sure your photo booth is well-stocked with accessories that complement your event’s theme or your company’s brand.

Some prop ideas include:

– **Silly hats** – Top hats, cowboy hats, tiaras, fedoras or any other goofy headwear.

– **Costume pieces** – Masks, glasses, wigs, suspenders, boas, etc.

– **Signs and pointers** – Custom prompts like “I love our company!” or directions like “This way to the dance floor.”

– **Instruments** – Noisemakers, maracas, guitars, tambourines.

– **Stuffed animals** – Fun critters to cuddle up with in pictures.

– **Blow-up accessories** – Oversize glasses, guitars,microphones.

Getting props customized with your logo or event name takes the fun up a notch. Just be sure they don’t completely cover your attendees in photos!

Offer Creative Backdrops 

An eye-catching backdrop can transform a standard photo booth into something spectacular. Backdrops with unique designs, graphics or décor encourage people to post pics proudly on social media – giving your brand extra exposure.

Some cool corporate photo booth backdrop ideas include:

– A mock airport runway or tropical beach if your event has a travel theme.

– A city skyline backdrop for urban chic events.

– Your brand’s logo or name in giant letters. 

– A flower wall, vine archway or picket fence for a whimsical garden look.

– Solid colored backdrops in your brand’s signature shades.

– A customized hashtag or slogan relevant to your event.

Backdrops can be printed vinyl, digital projections, physical set pieces or even a green screen. Get inventive with the goal of delighting attendees when they get their photo booth pics.

Offer Wacky Digital Effects

The best part about digital photo booths? All the hi-tech edits you can add to pictures with the tap of a button. Zany effects draw crowds and encourage people to print multiple photo strips as mementos or to share on social.

Some amusing photo effects to offer include:

– Silly face filters that give you dog ears, funny eyes or big animated lips.

-Speech bubbles to make it look like subjects are saying something.

– Drawing tools to creatively customize photos. 

– Stickers like glasses, hats or jewelry to overlay on top of images.

-Texts or emoji captions to personalize pics.

– Fun borders, stamps or watermark designs. 

-Whimsical filters that make it look like photos were taken decades ago.

The more creative effects and enhancements, the better. Just provide simple directions so guests quickly understand how to access and navigate all the options.

Curate Funny Video Messages

Another way to enhance a corporate photo booth is by offering video messaging. This lets attendees record short funny clips to entertain each other or even send encouraging messages to the whole company.

Some ideas for video fun include:

– Line dancing or lip sync performances set to music.

– People sharing their favorite experience with the company or a fond memory of a colleague. 

– Teams competing to see who can build the tallest tower out of random objects.

– Groups recreating classic movie or TV show scenes.

– Karaoke singoffs between departments or divisions.

Provide a few sample ideas to spark creativity, but allow guests to get as silly and imaginative as they’d like.

Give Out Amusing Photo Booth Prints 

Don’t let all those amazing photo booth moments vanish once the event is over. Make sure guests can take home photo prints to remember the fun.

Some creative ways to display prints include:

– Double-sided photo strips that show multiple poses.

– Custom photo booth frames with your logo.

– Image magnets people can put on their office cabinets or fridges.

– Individual prints that can be turned into badges, stickers or buttons.

– Compilation sheets with tiny images from all the photo booth sessions throughout the event. 

Pairing keepsake photo prints with your event makes it all the more special and memorable for each attendee.

Hold Contests for the Best Pics

Make your photo booth competitive and lively by holding contests for the zaniest or most creative pictures. Offer prizes for winners in categories like:

– Funniest pose

– Best group shot

– Wildest prop usage

– Most enthusiastic smile

– Wackiest effects or edits

Have attendees vote on their phones to choose winners in each category. Small prizes like gift cards, movie tickets or extra PTO will fuel the friendly competition.

Contests encourage everyone to step up their photo booth game and get more visitors flocking to your setup. Make sure to share winning shots on your social media or internal communications afterwards!

Post All the Pics on Social Media

Take the photo booth fun to the next level by posting shots on your company social media accounts. This lets you:

– Give a behind-the-scenes look at your event.

– Showcase your company culture.

– Allow attendees to easily find and share their photos.

– Get more online engagement.

Just be sure you have permission from photobooth users before widely sharing their pics online. Let guests know you may post them so they can opt out if desired.

Make it Free for All to Enjoy

Photo booths already foster fun. You’ll avoid stifling that excitement by making your setup free for all guests. 

Don’t restrict usage to certain attendees or charge tokens per photo strip. Open it up for anyone to hop in and start snapping pics. This encourages more spontaneous group shots and over-the-top poses as friends jump in together.

Make things as quick and seamless as possible by eliminating any payment requirement. Attendees will thank you with their enthusiastic participation and glowing event feedback!

Partner with a Custom Photo Booth Company

Pulling off an engaging, well-run photo booth takes skill and experience. For top-notch results, partner with an experienced photo booth rental company. 

Look for providers that offer:

– A wide selection of backdrops, quality props and fun accessories.

– Advanced cameras, software and printers.

– Seamless digital enhancements and special effects. 

– Professional yet personable attendants.

– Fun add-ons like guest books, video capabilities or GIF makers.

– Simple setup that complements your event space.

Opting for photo booth experts ensures flawless execution that wows your attendees.

Time it For Maximum Impact

Photo booths are most effective when you strategically time their presence. Have your setup opened:

– During lulls to attract people and pump up energy.

– In the early part to draw guests in and get fun started.

– At the end as a final memorable activity before departing.

Avoid launching your photo booth right when other major event activities are happening. Give it dedicated expoosure to maximize participation.

Go All Out with Creative Touches

Photo booths are prime for sparking creativity at corporate events. Rally your team to brainstorm additional ways you could deck out and customize your photobooth space.

Some examples:

– A director’s chair for a Hollywood theme. 

– A flower swing or living wall for a garden look.

– Balloons, streamers or signs to match your company colors.

– A customized step and repeat banner for a red carpet feel.

– A fun entrance archway, curtains or artificial greenery.

Rent flashy lighting, hire a professional photographer, serve themed food – anything to take your photo booth to the next level.

Get those creative juices flowing and build a photobooth that’s distinctly you. Attendees will be impressed and delighted at your innovative, picturesque setup.

Make Photobooth Sharing Easy

Don’t stop the fun once guests exit the photo booth. Make sharing and accessing pictures simple so attendees can extend the experience.

Some easy sharing ideas:

– A tagged photo booth album on your social media accounts.

– A photobooth-specific hashtag for attendees to search.

– Emailing or texting picture files directly to guests.

– A photo viewing station at the event with easy printing capabilities. 

– Online links where people can find and download their specific photos after the fact.

The more you facilitate photobooth photo sharing, the more your event’s social buzz and memorability will grow.

Send Off Guests With Excitement

Photo booths set an upbeat tone that lingers even after your event concludes. Strategically place your photobooth near exits so it’s the final activity guests experience before departing.

Capture each person’s email address and have prints delivered digitally the next day. This gives them one more happy reminder. 

Make sure you thank everyone for coming and encourage them to share photos using your branded hashtag or social media handle. A personalized photo booth goodbye will wrap your corporate event on an uplifting note they’ll remember.


Well-run photo booths breathe life and enjoyment into corporate events. With an array of amusing props, backdrops, effects and sharing options, they get attendees laughing, interacting and snapping pictures with abandon.

Just be strategic in promoting and placing your photo booth to drive maximum traffic. Time it when energy is flagging or guests need a lively pick-me-up.

With personalized, creative touches tailored to your brand, your photo booth can be the highlight that has everyone buzzing long after your company event ends. The positive energy and shared memories it generates will foster greater morale, camaraderie and engagement across your entire organization.

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