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180 photo booth

Camera setup in an 180 array that take photos in quick succession. They capture a unique freeze frame effect that pans left and right!

Our 180 Photo Booth also known as the 180 Cam Array is our newest and most unique booth! This is the same technology that has been showcased at the Emmy’s and Super Bowl. 

This output is also known as bullet time, time slice, or Matrix effect. Guests can incorporate all sorts of crazy jumps or poses and add in confetti for amazingly fun shots. This is our top recommendation when you’re looking for the newest head turning attention grabbing experience for an activation or private event.

A photo booth is a fun and creative way to capture memories at an event. Many people find photo booths entertaining and fun. Some photo booths are also rented out by businesses for internal promotions and marketing efforts. A photo booth is also a great way to capture candid moments with friends and family. Luckily, a photo booth is also a green and ecofriendly choice when used appropriately.

180 Booth - Photo Booth Rental in Atlanta
180 Booth
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